Thursday, July 31, 2008

And we're off!!!!!

Spencer has decided it's time to join the land of the walking. YAY! Now, I tried alllll day to get good pics of this miraculous event, but it's really hard to get a picture of a baby, walking towards you, taking only about 5 or 6 steps before he falls! There's just no time (And my clicker-thingy is slow) So here's the best I could do.
He's just ridiculous with that hair (bed head.....isn't that what we used to call it??) Cracks me up. Gotta love the protruding 3 1/2 month pregnant belly sticking out in the pic! Notice the how Spence snuck his fat little foot in the picture. You'd almost miss it....if you weren't OBSESSED with fat baby feet like myself. He got lazier as the day went on. We hit dad's lacrosse game in the evening and he had HAD IT with the whole walking thing.
Maybe I'll walk.......??
Naaaah, think I'm good.
Uhhhh, Zack sweats. A lot.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I haven't really been avoiding my blog. We just haven't done anything exciting enough to constitute an entry. It's been 95 degrees for WEEKS now & I've been feeling very icky due to the 1st trimester. So it's been the park & pool (& the occassional exciting library visit!!!) for us.
We did get to break up the monotany and go to our friend Lucy's 1st Bday party! It was a pool party & everyone had so much fun. I, unfortunately, did a horrible job taking pictures. Sorry!

Ryane trying to give my child ear infections!

And then stealing both his water guns....bully! ;)

Ethan is still adorable as ever...... And playing with what else? Star Wars This is one of his battles he sets up. It takes him around 20-30 mins to get all his figures set up and prepared for battle! Then the actual battle lasts no more than 2 mins. Crazy, in my opinion. I'm hoping it means he's patient???? Ethan is close to having every single figure ever made in the Star Wars collection. Thank goodness they're coming out with a new Clone Wars movie in August...with a whooooole new set of toys to go along with it. (And all of our money as well) We love supporting billionares like George Lucas by buying all his ridiculously over priced toys!!! And Spence is still a messy eater. The End.