Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ethan is 5!!!

I just said to Zack last night that Ethan is SO not my little baby anymore. He's gone from 4 to like, 15 overnight. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of Ethan from the past 5 years. He is SUCH a good boy. I know every parent says that, but I'm serious!! :) We are consistently amazed at how sweet, caring, loving & hilarious he is! He's just a joy to be around. We love you Ethie-bug!!
He was a little slimy at first, but we loved him just the same! :)
With Uncle Matt
He was always ALL hands and feet!!
With Grandpa Bob in San Diego
Grandma Pam loved him soooo much!
Ethan went through a phase where he just let himself go!!! We were all very worried about him.....if I had to choose 3 adjectives to describe this self-destructive stage: short, fat, sweaty.
During this time, he could typically be found in a chair, on a couch......anywhere where he could put his feet up and suck away on that binky. And just be sweaty.
Hey, I didn't say he wasn't happy! The lazy life suited him just fine...
Once his 3rd Bday hit, he cleaned up and realized life was too short to sit around and eat all day.(We think the discovery of GIRLS may have had something to do with this miraculous turnaround!) But man, what a turnaround it was.....there was quite the handsome little man underneath all that flesh!
The Twins
He loooooves Grandma Diane!
And sprite is his favorite drink.
He says it makes him "feel funny" :)
So, we were of course concerned regarding how Ethan would take the new baby in the house. He was the best big brother ever, from day one. Except he didn't like the screaming..
He REALLY doesn't like the screaming...
Besides that, Ethan is wonderful with Spencer. He's patient, loving, caring. Everything we could ever have wanted. He never gets jealous.....sometimes he gets annoyed, but not often! Basically, Zack and I have no idea how OUR child became so wonderful.
Even with Spence pulling his hair.....
Ethan just laughs about it.
And he's a big hit with the ladies.....
But he'll always be his moms' little boyfriend!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Every morning for breakfast, Spencer has a waffle and a banana. Surprisingly, he LOVES the banana way more than the waffle?! When I bring the banana out, he flaps his arms up & down like a mad man and, SCREECHES a very high pitched screech until the banana is peeled and in his possession. It's hilarious.
Here's my banana. Jealous?
Oops - How rude of me....let me cover my mouth while I stuff my face.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Husband's a really good coach :)

He would of course KILL ME if he saw this....too bad he doesn't check his family's blog! ;)
The last link, you have to scroll down to see the article on Zack. And the picture of us is the SICKEST thing I've ever seen! Note to all photographers: Don't ever take pictures of people with your camera UP THEIR NOSES!! Ugh....
And a shout out to my Brother-in-law, Matt, who made 2nd team all-county for the Baltimore Sun and the Annapolis Capital :) Go Cavs!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun at the pool!

No, Spence isn't taking a really big leak ;) He's fascinated with the fountains at our pool. He sits in between two of them and dives head first into them every time. It's a bit of a shock to him at first, but he keeps goin' back for more.
Just kickin' back, catching up on Luke, Han Solo & the rest of my boys in Naboo ;)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy 60th Mom!!!!

My dad threw my mom the best birthday ever! He flew me out to LA and me and my other sisters all surprised her for the weekend! It was way too short :( but was quite eventful. We saw Jay Leno, went to a spa, saw the play Wicked, & ate at some really cool restaurants. The only celebs we saw were Roma Downey & Mark Burnett, unfortunately!! I was hoping for more like Brit with a pink wig & a fistful of Cheetos! Anyway - it was an awesome weekend. Thanks so much Dad (Husband - take notes) ;)
I can't put into words how much I LOVE Pinkberry. There are none in Maryland and that is just so, so very sad. I could eat those things every day....strawberries, blueberries & yogurt chips on top!! No, not my dad's real teeth..... Santa Monica Geisha House