Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Word to the Wise.....

Putting your child in a shirt that says
doesn't mean your child will become
In fact, it may have the exact opposite effect....
The term IRONIC came to mind several times today ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ethan's Photo Shoot

Ethan reallllllllly wanted to take some pictures this evening. Here's the magic he captured:
My poor pots.....they're lonely cuz their flower friends always DIE :(
Ethan told me he was only getting Spencer in the frame! But now that I think of it, 5 yr olds don't know what "frames" are do they????Mmmmm....yeah - if I knew I was being photographed, I wouldn't have looked so bored ;) His abstract art collection ;) The famed photographer Actually, a really cool shot of Spence!
Gross. His face isn't always so boogie-ish, I swear..... Think I dozed off for a sec in this one..... :)
I had to take just one! So glad I did....capturing these two movers in action ain't easy!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is a true story.

My worst fears have come to pass.
My sweet little Ethie has encountered mean, horrible BULLYS at school. Actually, they're on his bus to & from school AND in his classroom. Ugh.
For over a week now, he's come home complaining that these 2 boys are teasing him. Saying "you like Elmo, you like Elmo" (Elmo is the little dorky red guy from Sesame Street)
As if!
My child is a shoot-em-up, battle-throwing, Star Wars-loving boy! He actually (much to my dismay) stopped liking Sesame Street at age 2 1/2, but I digress.....
Now Ethan hasn't gotten too upset so far by this constant teasing. I think it upsets me more than it does him. He seems confused, more than anything, as to why kids would tell him he likes something he doesn't. He's a practical kid!
Yesterday, he said they're still teasing him....even doing it quietly in the classroom so the teacher can't hear (evil and smart - bleh!) So I gave him the best advice I could think of - ignore them. I said if you don't say anything back to them, they'll eventually get bored and will leave you alone.
And then dad came home.....
And gave Ethan completely different advice. Somewhere along the lines of "you have to stick up for yourself," "don't let kids push you around," "here's what you do - when they start teasing you, you tell them they like Barbie!" "Oh, and if they don't stop, tell them they look like a girl."
Now, I don't agree with this barbaric advice, however Zack had me convinced by the end of the night that Ethan had to stand up to these bullys. If he didn't, they'll keep on doing it and will get others to as well (that's already happened too - apparently, they told one of the older kids....a safety patrol kid, no less, to make fun of him. This 10 yr old said to Ethan yesterday "I hear you're gonna be Elmo for Halloween!!" SO mean.
So here's the point of my longest blog entry ever!
Our conversation, as I'm getting him ready for school this morning:
Me: So what did Dad tell you to say to those kids?
Ethan: He said to tell them they like Barbie (giggles) and that they look like girls (giggles again)
Me: So are you gonna do that?
Ethan: Ummm (long pause) I don't think so (another long pause) because I think that would be rude, wouldn't it?
Me: (trying to hold back the tears) You know what I think?
Ethan: What?
Me: I think you're the best kid I've ever met.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ethan's 1st Football Game

And I forgot my camera. Bad mom! So we did a photo shoot when we got back.

His team (the Pasadena Panthers) won 6-2.....and Ethan scored his very first touchdown!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spencer is on a card!

OK, not really....just wanted your full attention :)
Anyway, my mom sent me this card a while ago cuz she couldn't believe how much it looks like my child - and I completely agree! In fact, Zack didn't believe me at first when I told him this card baby WASN'T Spencer (he also doesn't believe me when I tell him Ethan's bday is June 20th, NOT the 21st....had to break out the birth certificate about 5 times to prove I was correct.....but who's counting??)
So here's the little chunk on the card
And below are several pics of Spencer where he resembles card baby most (but Spence isn't as chubby-cheeked, right?? His diet of cheese cubes & whole milk keeps him nice and trim, thankyouverymuch!)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ethan starts kindergarten!!!!

My handsome little guy
He of course had to have a Star Wars backpack! Puttin' the football moves on Dad before his big day!