Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spence is One!!!

Phew! This year sure has flown by. My little love is SO much fun! He still doesn't get the concept of sleeping through the night, which is annoying. Once he gets that down, he'll be perfect! (Well, he needs to be potty trained, speaking and driving himself to practices....THEN he'll be perfect!) Just kidding - not trying to rush your childhood little monkey! You just take your time....
I won't go on & on about how adorable Spence is and how much he's loved. Just know that he is....both of those.....adorable AND loved! :)
OK, that was too short for me. So we'll all remember, here is a short list of Spencer's Favorite things!!
1) The recently-discovered juice box (preferrably one that his brother is drinking)
2) Mandarin oranges & grapes
3) MEN (as in Ethan, Matt & Dad).....(OK, yes he loves mom too, but I definitely come in a close 4th place. No medals for me :(
4)Teletubbies ( I won't go into how disturbing this show is to me)
5)His green elephant blankie
7) Seeing mom in the middle of the night (my least favorite of his favorites)
So we celebrated Spence's 1st bday with a small little party (family only + Debbie & Don, who may as well be family!) ;)
Since I already know I'll get FLOODED with requests on how I made Spencer's amazing birthday cake, I'll just let the cat outta the bag right here. Ready!!! OK, here we go.....You bake a cake. In a small, round pan (this can be found at a very exotic location, such as Michael's or JoAnne's) Then you frost the cake, with an exotic-type frosting.....I prefer Betty Crocker. ( And I also seem to prefer the word "exotic"??!) Next, you take your finger, and you very carefully carve a number "1" in the frosting. Last, you fill the "1" with sprinkles. And here are the fantastically outrageous results!!!!
I'm good, right? I know.
Debbie & hubby, Don
Uncle Ron, Aunt BJ, Cousin Sarah
Cousin Melissa & Tim
Yeah, yeah...I'm 1. Who cares? But after some coaxing from Ethan...... And a not-so-nice threat from Dad....... I dug right in! Ethan, always needing to be a part of the action.

Thanks so much for cleaning my mess of a child, Melissa!!! :)

And, I'm done.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ocean City Vacation!!

We went to Ocean City for a little over a week and had a great time on the beach (minus the 1 yr old.....1 yr olds + sand = NOT my favorite thing)
But he's sooooo cute!
The "Spencer pout"
Uncle Matt playing around with Spence
Ethan with his best little bud, Colby (already the prankster!)
There was no way Spence was going to let Ethan eat a popscicle and NOT share
Love the slop
When your vacation is going a little too well.....the weather has been perfect, your kids have been little angels......you can always mix things up a bit by running out of gas. ON A BRIDGE. If you can find a 2-lane, really small bridge....that makes it all the more interesting. Oh, and make sure that when you do run out of gas, you are exactly in the middle of the bridge. I don't think we could have been more in the middle if we used map coordinates. We're that good.
Yep, true story. We ran out of gas on the middle of a bridge. I had to document, right???
Had to call the cops for help
Hurry and fill that tank hon!!!!
Long story short, after filling the minivan up with a gallon of gas, it wouldn't start....such excitement! So the police were nice enough to give us a ride home.
Ethan, riding in what will hopefully be his LAST ride in a cop car!
So if running out of gas while on vacation sounds like fun to you, the sure way to do it is to ignore your wife when she says that morning, on your way to the beach, while driving RIGHT past a gas station "Why don't we get gas now?" Do NOT listen to her! Then you just need to forget to get gas like you said you would. This is all hypothetical of course.... ;)
After all that fun, we were ready for some more low key, less dangerous activities...like the ultra-boring carousel.
That pout again.....
Ethie's so cool - he can have fun by himself on a frog ride built in '73. It was amazing - went up AND down! ;)
Here's a lesson on how to not take a family picture 1) First, make sure to forget to turn on the flash (my personal fave!)
2) Right before the picture is taken, remind your child to "smile like a normal person" (haha - I really do say that to him all the time!) And then feel really stupid cuz he already is :) 3) Bingo!
Our not-so-happy day at the park We escaped from the kids for a night and had a delicious dinner with friends So on our way home, we stop at Wendy's. We're all eating, when suddenly a Steve Winwood song comes on the radio.....you know, slow instrumental-type song. Ethan gets up and starts doing this ninja-esque/modern dance type dance in the middle of the restaurant. Zack & I had no idea what caused it, but it was hilarious. I wish I had recorded it. The pictures just don't do it justice!!!