Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boys 1st Shower Together

Ethan told me the other day he either wanted to be a painter or a window washer when he grows up (we're so proud ;) Here he is perfecting his window-washing skills in the shower. Such passion!! Sorry for the frontal nudity!
Spencer is so happy to finally be able to shower with his big bro!! But that didn't last too long....

Friday, May 2, 2008

The little weed that could

Look what I found while picking weeds ALLLLLL day Saturday.... (which is why you can't see my face. Weeding is NOT a good look ;)
It had apparently been so long since I (or any of the other well-equipped-to-pick-weed humans that I reside with) had picked weeds, one actually grew through a foam football... yes, it grew THROUGH the football.
Isn't that crazy? I've vowed to start taking better care of our yard so the weeds don't actually grow up through our house one day. It really could happen. They have a mind of their own....and I'm frightened.