Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm a total slacker

With a capital S....The holidays were just really busy and I had no time....blah blah blah. I could go on and on....but we're BACK! ;) So this will be a realllly long one, updating you on what's-a-goin-on (watch "Rock of Love"'ll get it) Here goes......
Visited Grandpa in Ohio
SUCH a crazy trip. We left at 6am on Saturday morning, drove 7 HOURS, spent the night in downtown Mansfield (one of the creepiest places ever!) and left the next day around noon for the 7 hour drive back to Maryland. We're nuts, I know....but we wanted Gramps to meet Spencer. It was crazy, but really fun.
My mom & Ethan after a carousel ride
Did I mention it was a 7 HOUR drive???!! With a newborn??! Yikes. Poor Zack was exhausted.... unfortunately, Spencer wasn't ;)

Remembering Grandma Burke
Baltimore Highlands Elementary School, where Pam worked, planted a tree and plaque in her memory. They had a little ceremony where some of the kids she taught sang and talked about how much she meant to them. It was a very sweet thing to do! I'm constantly amazed at how many lives Pam touched!!
Zack thanked everyone for being there and gave a cute talk to the kiddies. He is SUCH a good public speaker!!
They wanted Ethan to help dig the hole.

The finished product :)

I'm 30!! :(

And if you know me, you know I HATE surprise birthday parties (thanks Mom! ;) so what does my husband decide to do? Throw me one....of course. Anyway, after realizing I couldn't escape (he rented out the upstairs section of a restaurant - I was literally trapped!!) I surrendered and actually had a GREAT birthday. Thanks to everyone that came! And of course, thanks to my hubby for a surprisingly wonderful night!

I'm all like " this really happening?!?! Cuz you know I hate surprises right?" ;) Thanks for the thoughtful presents!!! He pulled it off!! Shana, Nichole, Lisa, Ryane and me.....the only one not in her 20's anymore!!??

Thanksgiving in San Diego

We visited my family in California this year for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. Going places with 27 people is a little scary, but we had a blast! And Ethan LOVED playing with all 86 of his cousins ;)

Grandpa Bob with Taylor & Bailey at Sea World Most of the grandkids....the others were running wild in the park somewhere. It's tough to keep track of all of 'em!! Delicious thanksgiving dinner at Jenny's house (Heather - wish you were in this pic!!?) Dad & Ethan frollicking in the not-so-warm water

My sweet little neice, Claire, with Spencer. I wish they could talk. So she could explain to Spencer how happy mommy would be if he'd just sleep through the night like her!
Ethan, Porter & Taylor at the Zoo
Too many to name
And, we got to squeeze in a Chargers v Ravens game. Thanks Jen & Kris for taking us! And thanks mom, Meg & Liz for watching my baby who won't take a bottle....sooo sorry! :(

Pictures with Santa!
This could be one of the worst Santa pictures ever taken....
Mmmmkay, getting a little better.....sorta.
And here's Ethan telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas: a gun & a sword. Ready, all at once: Aaawwwwwww ;)