Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks Mom!!!

My mom watched Ethan & Spencer while we were gone and we all miss her dearly now! :( She's such an amazing Grandma....she took great care of the kids, got up in the middle of the night (SEVERAL times) to deal with Spence, kept the house spottless, AND bought our groceries! ;) Thanks so much mom.
We miss you!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cayman Islands!!!!

We took a much needed vacation with our friends Shana and Matt.... It was relaxing, fun, amazing....and just so wonderful to spend time with some of our closest friends.
DELICIOUS dinner at the restaurant at our hotel. Definitely some of the best seafood we've tried.
Big man with a little spoon ;) Shana likes to give the "piggy nose" to Matt??? ;)
Great pic - too bad it's in an elevator!!!??
Matt, trying to take on an itsy-bitsy turtle.....retirement has made you SOFT!!!! ;)

Actually, it wasn't too little. Really big....probably weighed 200 lbs??!

I reeeeeally tried, but the sliminess of the turtles just was too much for me. Wuss, I know.....hiding behind Zack!

My hubby is such a good sport. He plays what I like to call "The Food Game" where I mix a bunch of gross things together (I think here it was tobasco, ketchup, mayo, A1....and a few more but I can't remember. He closes his eyes and then.....

Sucks it down....yuck.

Yummy sushi place

We rented a car and drove around the island. I was amazed that Zack could drive on the LEFT side of the road. It was definitely way more thinking than I could handle ;)