Friday, November 16, 2007

Should Spence be nervous??

First of all, you have to know that Spencer smiles constantly....he is a happy baby boy. But when Ethan comes around, he suddenly freezes up and his smile turns into a frown! :( The below picture is a scene played out at our house at least 10 times a day.... Ethan, looking like he's ready to attack and Spencer frantically looking for me to save him!!
"Back aWAY from the baby!"

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Since Ethan is OBSESSED with Star Wars, we went with the obvious choice for costumes: Yoda & a Stormtrooper. Ethan got waaaay too much candy this year (so I was basically forced to confiscate half of it for myself ;)
Happy, Spencer is....

Zack, with the three most popular items in our household at the moment: Spencer, the binky & the baby bjorn!!

Stormtrooper Ethan and Transformer Kolby!

Our predictable family photo.....I seriously need some new poses!! :)

Eating way too much candy + Staying up past his bedtime = A nasty Halloween meltdown!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beautiful Fall Day

After 3 straight days of rain, Saturday was gorgeous! We took a trip downtown to walk around the Inner Harbor.
Superdad ;)

Nighty-night Spence

Throwing flames and riding a unicycle all at once! Craziness!!!

Ethan did NOT want to leave the cannons!!

We found an Oktoberfest celebration going on and kinda slipped in unnoticed. A free party..... somewhere my mom's very proud ;)

E had fun on the moonbounce.... And blowing bubbles..... And with his dad/clone :) Me & the beefcakes

Friday, October 26, 2007

Kinda boring

Not much going on in our house today. It's been raining for two days straight. (Wish that rain was in California, instead of here!!!) But Ethan looked cute in his Halloween shirt, so I snapped a picture before preschool. That's all for now!!
Always the goofball..... :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pamela Burke 5k

Today was a special one. The school my mother-in-law used to work for held a 5k race in honor of her memory. They raised over $8,000 for breast cancer research! We all had a great time, celebrating the life of such an amazing woman...
Zack got up and thanked everyone for being there.... his mom's so proud! :)
Opening ceremonies
They had Zack cut the ribbon to start the walk
The Orioles Bird showed up!
Zack, me, Ethan & Spencer
They're going to place this tree and plaque in the garden of the elementary school. So sweet.....
Matt and Abby....his girrrrrrrrrrlfriend (as Ethan likes to put it) ;)
Pam's sister, Susan and niece, Melissa holding my chunky baby
We did it!
Ethie snuggling with his pink bear

Friday, October 19, 2007


So after smelling the distinct smell of baby powder throughout the house, and not hearing or seeing Ethan for about 10 minutes I began to worry......... He was having a sand battle with his beloved Star Wars action figures. Yep. Look at the poor guy in the middle. The battle was so intense he lost a limb! My kid doesn't mess around.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'll try this out.....

I really wanna write a cute, witty description for my first post, but it's not possible. Baby's crying, Ethan's whining cuz he's reallllly tired..... So this is what you get - Ethan holding Spencer. That's all I can offer right now....nothing more. Gotta go rock a little bug to sleep and then go to sleep myself. Lame, I know. It'll get better......I promise!!!