Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It sure was a busy day. Here's what we did...
Ethan took part in his Halloween parade at his elementary school
Then we carved 2 pumpkins (quickly! While Spence napped) ;)
Ethan got a pretty good shot of my 8 month belly! Yikes.
Spencer freaked out at first when put in his Chewbacca costume....probably pretty itchy in there!
Cute little wookie-foot
He cheered up once we got outside. He was the hit of the night! Everyone chuckled as he passed :)
Check out that mullet sticking out the bottom!!
Ethan forced me to take pictures of him, acting like a real stormtrooper...such a ham!


Peterson Clan said...

hey jilly! your kids look adorable, we can't wait to see you tomorrow! Love- jenn and liz

The Baldwins said...

You need to get their picture taken together in the costumes. So cute!!! See you soon.

Heather said...

I can't get over Spencer's costume! Soo cute - love the mullet!

Ethan is always cute - no matter what!

And... Bart saw your "bump" and said "Is she pregnant? Are you kidding me?

Mark and Meghan said...

did ethan hold a gun to your head and make you take those pictures? i'm glad he did...they're adorable! where did you find spencer's costume? it's adorable! he's getting so big...i really wish that you guys were coming out for christmas! we need to get claire and spencer together.

i'm so sad i'm not going to be at grandpas!!!!!

Zeller Family said...

Oh my gosh...your boys are seriously the cutest things ever! Ethan is a handsome little man and Spencer you just want to eat up! Where in the world did you find that costume for Spencer? Your prego belly is absolutley adorable. When I was that pregnant I looked ridiculous! Pregnancy definitely suits you well! You look great!