Friday, September 19, 2008

Ethan's Photo Shoot

Ethan reallllllllly wanted to take some pictures this evening. Here's the magic he captured:
My poor pots.....they're lonely cuz their flower friends always DIE :(
Ethan told me he was only getting Spencer in the frame! But now that I think of it, 5 yr olds don't know what "frames" are do they????Mmmmm....yeah - if I knew I was being photographed, I wouldn't have looked so bored ;) His abstract art collection ;) The famed photographer Actually, a really cool shot of Spence!
Gross. His face isn't always so boogie-ish, I swear..... Think I dozed off for a sec in this one..... :)
I had to take just one! So glad I did....capturing these two movers in action ain't easy!!!


sadleir said...

How cute! He actually did a great looks like someone needs their own blog!!

Elizabeth Judd said...

cute pictures! I bet he had so much fun! ANd hey skinny bones, where is your other baby? I do'nt see a stomach on you at all!

Mark and Meghan said...

cute that he took them, and even better that you let him!!! :) love and miss you